Tai Chi Inspired Exercises

Tai Chi and Chi Kung are gentle forms of exercise which combine relaxed, flowing, circular movements with a calm but alert mental state. These originated in China and have their roots in healing, meditation and martial traditions.  Tai chi involves learning a sequence of movements known as a 'form' which when performed looks like an effortless slow-motion dance.

The movements I use in my classes are based on a type of Chi Kung developed in China in the 1980's by Dr Chan called Shibashi.  They are simple and easy to learn and follow.  They can be done in standing and sitting.  The classes are very calm and relaxing.  


It is important to be aware that I am not a qualified tai chi instructor but that I have done training as a physiotherapist in tai chi and I am using my physiotherapy skills to develop a unique class.

Tai Chi Class

Classes are all running at Weeke Community Centre

Monday lunchtime

1.15-2pm Tai Chi Inspired Exercises at Weeke Community Centre in the large hall, Winchester.  £7 a class payable in half term blocks or £8 a session to sign up for fewer than the half term.

Wednesday  evening

5.30 - 6.15pm Tai Chi Inspired Exercises in the large hall at Weeke Community Centre, Winchester.  £7 a class payable in half term blocks or £8 a session to sign up for fewer than the half term.

Classes run term-time bookable in half term blocks. There is some flexibility to make up a class at the other time of you can't attend a session. You will be asked to sign a registration and consent form.  

This is how it looks when I'm teaching on zoom, much the same as in the hall

What to Wear and Bring

It is advisable to wear something comfortable and loose or stretchy.  You are best to have flat, comfy shoes that won't fall off or socks with sticky bits on the bottom for grip. You may like to bring a bottle of water.

I occasionally bring my doodle dog Basil along to classes to sit in the corner so he isn't stuck at home alone.   Please let me know if you have any problems with this.

Further Information

If you can't get hold of me please leave a message and number and I'll call you back as soon as I can