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What is Sports Pilates?

Pilates is a way of exercising which gently strengthens the body in an even way with particular emphasis on core strength and gentle mobility.  It also helps improve posture and balance as well as relieving stress and tension.  The pilates in this class has been adapted to complement other exercise such as cycling and running and help you improve your skill, strength and performance in cycling.  It can also help to reduce the risk of injury. Class exercises will be done using a mat in standing, sitting and lying positions sometimes using equipment like small balls and resistance bands.  

Why do Pilates with Ros? a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. It's easy.

As an experienced physiotherapist I can bring a deeper understanding to pilates to help you understand how to activate the right muscles and work safely with your body.  I am trained through APPI (Australian Pilates Physio Institute) having completed the matwork course and exam and I have done the APPI pilates for cyclists and runners courses. For more information on APPI please see: 

I am passionate about empowering people to really understand what they're trying to achieve and to learn the right level to work at at any given time.

All Classes are running at Weeke Community Centre

Wednesday Evenings

7.30-8.30pm Sports Pilates in the large hall at Weeke Community Centre, Winchester, SO22 6HG. Classes work out at £10.00 a class when payed in half term blocks.

Classes are limited to 12 people to ensure a more tailored personal approach. If you book for a block then this guarantees your space in the class and usually there is also some flexibility to attend a different class if you can't make a session one week. You will be asked to sign a registration and consent form and attend a one to one session. 

This is how it looks when I'm teaching online, much the same as in the hall

Mountain Biking by the Lake
Women Road Biking

Initial one to one sessions

What to bring

It is usual practise to have a one to one session with an instructor before joining a pilates class this allows us to get to know each other and get you started with the basics.  I offer an initial 1:1 session at my home in Winchester for half an hour for £42 and this includes your first class.  

What to wear

You need to wear something comfortable and stretchy to exercise in - if it's reasonably fitted I can see your posture and positioning more easily so I can help you with it.  On your feet it's best to wear socks with sticky bits on the bottom for grip.

You will need a mat to exercise on - the pilates mats which are usually 15mm thick are more comfortable than the thinner yoga mats.  

This is the link for the ones I bought:

Please bring water and a large towel to use as a cushion. 

I used to provide other accessories like balls or theraband but sine covid I am asking you to purchase your own to use.  You don’t have to have these when you start but it is useful to get them.


Details of sample places you can purchase these:

Latex free Red theraband:


Small pilates ball: 7inch £6.50 inc P+P

Further Information

If you can't get hold of me please leave a message and your number and I'll call you back as soon as I can

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